About hair loss: can we stop it?

Men and Women hair lossThe bald facts about baldness are discouraging, even damning to many people.  Studies in 2009 by the Belgravia Centre in Britain have shown that 40 per cent of men have experienced hair loss at the age of 35, 65 per cent at the age of 60 and 80 per cent by the age of 80. So important hair seems to be that 60 per cent of people experiencing hair loss would rather have more hair than money or friends.  In 2012, according to Statisticbrain.com, 35 million of men and 21 million of women have been suffering from hair loss. How to stop hair loss and the ensuing question how to make hair grow back  has intrigued doctors, researchers and beauticians for ages, without finding a definitive answer.

The picture is clear. Although hair shedding (often resulting in complete baldness, mostly in men) has been accepted by many men as something incurable – something one has to live with  –  it does not mean that all bald men are content with their physical appearance. Even more so in the case of women. No female will readily come to terms with the loss of her crowning glory. But there is good hair loss news. Tried and  tested remedies for hair loss has now entered the market with very promising results.

It should be said that the complete cure for baldness has still to be found yet. But in the meantime steady progress has been made in the field of combating hair loss. Techniques of hair replacement have improved over the past 30 odd years, and two prescription drugs have shown positive results in cases where hair loss has not progressed too far.  Some of these are not suitable for women since they work on the male hormone testosterone.  However, there are currently exciting developments in the search for eliminating hair loss.  Medical science and the natural health industry are gradually moving closer together in a determined attempt to root out one of the most tenacious “diseases” of all time.

This site, How to stop hair loss, is all about knowing why we lose excessive hair, how to stop the rot and embark on a new road to regain our hair. There is a wealth of new information on:

  • Causes  of hair loss in men and women.
  • Myths about hair loss.
  • Harmful practices that may damage your hair.
  • How to stop hair loss and regrow your hair.

You will be surprised how new knowledge about hair loss in men and women has led to new remedies that nobody would have dreamed of ten years ago. And in most cases treatment is not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Enjoy the journey to these new prospects.

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